Good News!

Such good news at the doctor today - the sentinal node biopsies came back clear, meaning there was no cancer in the nodes.


Reactive lymph node. No evidence of metastasis on step levels and immunostains (S100, MelanA, HMB45).

Also, unexpectedly, the report from the skin that was sent to Boston University was back. I don't understand all the details of it, but the plastic surgeon said it showed cancer in the skin that was removed from around the incision where the cyst was removed, clear at the margins of the graft. I'm taking his word for it!

The report goes on to list the two possible diagnoses:

The histologic differential diagnosis includes residual primary dermal melanoma (depth in this lesion of ~ 7 mm which is less than that reported in the previous lesion) or metastatic melanoma, as no junctional component is identified. The lesion is completely excised.

Robert is much relieved, in particular to have the pressure bandage removed from around his face. He has no sensation in the area of the graft, which is normal. Dr. Convit says he may regain some feeling in that area, but not for a while.

I am most relieved by two things - 1) the path reports, and 2) the possibility that we might sleep tonight!

Tomorrow we go to see the oncological surgeon - though I'm not sure why, now that we have the reports and the stitches have come out. On Friday we go back to Dr. Convit, and we hope he'll take the staples out at that time.

The path reports have been faxed to Hopkins. We'll keep you posted!

Please call - but not all at once!