Greetings from the Coast of Maine

So far Maine has been (almost) all about lobsters. What a treat! After an uneventful trip across New Hampshire, we arrived at the Lodge at Turbat’s Creek in Kennebunkport mid-afternoon Monday and headed for the beach. Robert and I have been to this lodge and this beach before, and things were pretty much as we remembered them. Colony Beach is dog-friendly, and we encountered a few pooches and many dog-hungry people there. Chewey ran a bit but, as we expected, was not happy when the waves chased him …The motel is simple but comfortable, with a tented area as well as wooden tables and chairs for eating. After we re-introduced Chewey to the ocean we headed for the Langsford Road Lobster Pound, just a few miles from Turbat’s Creek. The prices were not what we had been expecting, but we weren’t up for comparison shopping …

We stood with several other customers and dogs on a dock looking out over a cove while they boiled our order. That gave us a chance to refresh, in person, the view that has provided Robert’s computer desktop background since for the last four years.  We stopped at the market to pick up some beer on the way home and sat at a table on the lawn, Chewey at our feet reveling in whatever fat or other goodies he could lick from our fingers. We realized we were unprepared – no shell crackers,  no plates, no napkins! – and resolved to go to rectify the situation at the outlets the next day. The mess we made didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for our meal, though – it just didn’t affect the taste at all!

The Maine coast is busy in August, so we took the highway to Kittery Tuesday morning to pick up some things we usually get at discount malls. A stop in Freeport on the way back netted me a new swim suit from the clearance rack at L.L. Bean. I’m not sure when I’ll use it, but at least now I have something that stays on in the water!

We indulged in a little more leisure time in the afternoon, and then went to our favorite lobster pound, the one at Wells Beach. Steamers were plump and juicy, and soft-shell lobsters were $6.99 a pound – closer to what we were expecting. They were even sweeter that the ones we had the night before. Two for two! Chewey likes this!

We checked out mid-morning Wednesday and headed for Portland and lunch with our friends Irwin and Bonnie. We took our carry-out sandwiches to a gazebo on the Promenade in the East End and sat on benches overlooking Casco Bay. The weather cooperated, bringing on the blue skies after a few sprinkles when we first arrived. Fresh air, beautiful views, and great conversation with wonderful friends – what more could we ask?

Our trip to Belfast was without incident, and we arrived at Colonial Grove about 5 p.m. We have an efficiency cottage with a screened porch, overlooking the beach on Belfast Bay. It’s good to be in our own spot, since Chewey has taken to burffling at people-noises. The space is fine, except for the lack of dining table. Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter, though, when eating fresh boiled lobsters! One place we remember eating here with Allison and Loren is closed now – the one that’s like a big barn over the bay, with long picnic tables. Young’s Lobster Pound is still here, though … so we made it three for three. Robert said he wanted to come to Maine to eat lobster, and that seems to be the only important thing at this point!

Chewey pretending to be a lobster

Chewey also was not disappointed ...

The rain began during the night and has continued all day. We went to the Laundromat in Searsport and will likely go back to Young’s to make it four for four at dinner time, which is soon. I’m pretty sure that will suit Chewey just fine – and me too!

Tomorrow we are heading to Bar Harbor for a day of hiking and dinner with some of Kehila’s northern summer contingent. Looking forward to the sun!