Dr. Lipson called as we were checking into the hotel this afternoon to say that he had two radiologists that he trusts look at all the scans and they didn't find anything to worry about. That means Robert has "no evidence of disease" and I'll dance with N.E.D. at Sandy's wedding on Sunday.

The delay was as benign as I thought. The second CT scan was done last Thursday at Sibley instead of Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Dr. Lipson spends most of his days. He goes to Sibley on Thursday afternoons, and while he was there yesterday he got a CD with the pictures on it. This morning he had it loaded at JHH. So, it took a week because the two hospitals (both owned by Johns Hopkins) don't have computer systems that talk with each other.

We had a long day in the car. The major problems started when we got to Staten Island. Then we crawled across Brooklyn on the way to LaGuardia to pick up Allis on and Gabriel. We crawled again, most of the way to Roslyn.

Now we're going for a walk. Hope everyone enjoys your weekend - call our cells if you need to talk about something.