I started blogging here in May 2012 after my husband was diagnosed with melanoma, and I thought I would use this website as a laboratory for learning Drupal 7. Please don't take my failure to do that as an indication that Drupal 7 is just too hard - it's not! Another website project has served that purpose instead.

I'm a publication consultant and freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. Although I have considered myself "retired" since May 2012, I take on professional projects and assignments from time to time, and I have continued to work on websites and learn Drupal 7. I am active in the Society of Professional Journalists and a board member of SPJ's Freelance Community. If you want to find out about my business, look at theĀ  Editing & Publishing tab. Feel free to use the "contact" tab if you have questions or want to get in touch.

I hope you find something useful on this blog.

~Hazel Becker