September 2012

My delayed date with NED

For those who were looking for an update from Robert’s first follow-up appointment – sorry, it will come a little late. That’s because he is hoping to enter the GVAX vaccine trial at Johns Hopkins, and the earliest appointment when they can do all the screening on one day is October 18. I’m happy that we know what’s next, but unhappy about the delay – I was looking forward to another date with NED long about now!

Saving the sea turtles

When we first went walking on Ft. Lauderdale beach, coming home from dinner on Wednesday night, we found some areas that were marked off with posts and pink tape to keep people from crossing them. They were scattered up and down the beach, some close to the ocean and others in the dunes. My long beach walk on Thursday morning, while Robert attended the Society of Professional Journalists board meeting, revealed that these were sea turtle nests being watched over by a group called Sea Turtle Oversight Protection.

Gabriel turns 3!

My trip to Asheville for Gabriel’s birthday was wonderful – what a delightful four days! It’s fun to watch how he’s grown and matured, and to be part of thechanges that are taking place in his life. One thing is constant: his focus on vehicles of all sorts. At home and at his new school, trains are a major focus. I’m always blown away by how contemplative he is. If only we could know what’s on his mind ...


We had our last visit with Dr. Convit yesterday, and Robert no longer needs to keep his skin graft covered. There is still a scab over a small portion of the graft, but Dr. Convit said it should fall off naturally. It's OK to wash his head in luke-warm water and to shampoo the entire site (hair or no hair ...). No more bandages. No more Nurse Ratched! Yay for me! Progress for Roberet  indeed!

I will miss our periodic visits with the plastic surgeon because he has been the most encouraging and upbeat member of the team we have seen at Washington Hospital Center. But I'm glad we are moving on to what's next ...

Eating right

I hope Thursday’s post didn’t leave anyone with the impression that I don’t understand the part diet plays in my weight loss. I know that restricting sweets is important if I want to keep the weight off. A new study released by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reinforces this and goes one step further – according to a review of the study at, “...eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat and cheese emerged as ... important predictors for long-term weight loss.”