March 2014

For caregivers adjusting to a 'new normal'

When we first found out about Robert’s melanoma, we did what we had to do just to survive. I couldn’t begin to walk back into that scene and tell you how I was feeling at the time, or analyze it and tell you how we learned to cope. But I have a few suggestions for caregivers of newly diagnosed melanoma patients, stemming from my experience during those first few months.

In the absence of knowledge

A case in Robert’s law practice has got me thinking about what happens in humans’ brains when we see or hear something without any context. One issue has to do with what government investigators thought they were hearing on a wiretap. I hope what I’m learning from thinking about this will apply not only to my life with an N.E.D. cancer survivor (one with No Evidence of Disease) but also to other circumstances of my, and my family’s, life.