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The best laid plans ...

My journey to proficiency with Drupal 7 took a sharp turn today, when I decided I would add some new features to this blog. I will use the Taxonomy feature, a module in D6 but built into Core in D7, to tag posts so that people who don’t want to read about Drupal can easily avoid those posts. I created the taxonomy, which I named Blog Subjects, and added Drupal, Melanoma, and Journalism as terms. Easy – so far so good!

A new beginning

I was inspired by my BNA colleague John Schappi’s blog, “Aging and Parkinson’s and Me,” to start this blog. Like John’s blog, mine will be a personal website where I will share what’s going on in my head – whether about the health topics that are raging in there right now; or website design and implementation using Drupal, an open-source content management system that is being employed to produce this website; or journalism, retirement, grandparenthood, or any other subject that pops in there from time to time.


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