About me

Hazel BeckerI'm a mostly retired independent journalist in Washington, D.C., where I've lived since 1982. In the 10 years since I retired from BNA Publications (now Bloomberg BNA) I've enjoyed the freedom to cover subjects ranging from personal finance to alternative energy. My mainstays as a freelancer have been writing about insurance and taxes, reporting from specialized data sets, and consulting on new products and processes for publishers and nonprofit organizations.

I’ve been writing, editing, and developing publications for 40 years, primarily for businesses and non-profits with niche audiences. I’ve worked on publications dealing with tax and accounting, banking and insurance, financial planning and investments, and environmental regulation—just to name a few subjects. I’ve edited and written for business-to-business publishers, community newspapers, magazines, websites, and specialty publications made to the client’s specifications.

As a publication consultant and product developer, I am an astute researcher with a facility for assessing information needs and identifying sources to fill those needs. I help publishers focus on their audience and use my intuitive and responsive interviewing skills to gather information, both for market studies and prototype publications.

My specialty as a business writer is to find information that's relevant to my client's niche and then write about it in a way that makes the information accessible to the audience. I use data charts and graphs along with words to make my articles understandable to the client’s audience.

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