Good news from Dr. Convit today - we can plan to go on vacation! We need to go back to see him next week, and by then he should be ready to cut us loose. Now all we have to do is figure out where/when to go.

The skin graft is mostly healed now, and the stubborn patch is beginning to close up since we started putting silver sulfadiazine on it (instead of bacitracyn) last week. The graft donor site is healed and just needs to be softened with some skin lotion. As of today Robert is cleared to drive, and after one more week he can get back on his bike.

I guess that means we need to head north because it's too hot for cycling here! We plan stops in Bloomfield, CT, Lenox, MA, and New York City. We want to go to the seashore but haven't decided whether to go all the way to Maine. The White Mountains are usually beautiful in August. 

Perhaps before we go I can work on Drupal 7's photo uploading features. I'm sure it will be easy - it's just a matter of taking time to learn.