In Neysa's garden today

When I left home for a long walk with Chewey this morning I didn't think about this benefit of walking outside instead of going to the gym: I would return down Broad Branch Rd. and walk past Neysa's garden.

Neysa's Garden

Had I planned a photo shoot I would have taken my camera. Instead, I used my phone - in bright sunshine - which means I click some photos and then go home to look at them and see what I got. I know some people can be successful photographers that way - but not me! Most of them turned out blurry like this:

Color Blur

As you can see from the garden shot above, one prominent flower today was the Tradescantia, commonly known as Spiderwort. In the bright light, to the naked eye, the color appears to be pink. In reality the flowers are this deep purple.


One of my favorites is this beauty, whose name escapes me right now (perhaps because I don't grow it, and maybe that means I should).

This bright yellow flower, commonly known as Sun Burst, also grows in my garden in great abundance - in Neysa's garden, I only saw this one.

That's about it for the photos I'll admit to taking, and it doesn't do Neysa's garden justice.

I was also reminded of what I missed this year, not going by more often - the gorgeous flag iris were done and gone, and the peonies were spent. I used to visit much more regularly when Morris was there. I'll have to make a point of it - what pleasant thoughts of Neysa, what a great way to start the day!