Street scenes from NOLA

Here's a photo roll from my first walk in New Orleans. I walked down Tchoupitoulos from the Warehouse District to WalMart. I'm told it was about a mile and a quarter - but my cellphone app said I walked more than 2 1/2 miles so I must have wandered a bit.

There was lots of blight along the way. Sometimes it was sprouting:

And recycled planters on the fence outside:

Then, hidden behind fences where you weren't invited in:

There's lots of street art scattered around town:

And of course, tourist traps:

Walked back deeper into the Garden District, among pretty houses like this:

And a truck parking lot with oddities like this:

Poor Robert, meanwhile, was stuck in meetings ... Of course taking time to be on a panel at the National Freedom of Information Coalition meeting meant we got his trip subsidized, so I guess it was worth it.

We walked together Sunday and Monday ... I'll post more photos of those walks later.