A walk in the park

Chewey and I would like to thank the National Park Service for hosting our excursion on this glorious fall day!

A walk in the park

I'm glad that I've discovered the pleasures of walking in Rock Creek Park after living in this neighborhood for nearly 30 years. Chewey and I started taking long walks (akin to hikes, so worthy of replacing a workout!) in the spring. The terrible, hot summer put an end to that routine by the end of June, though. 

I'm glad we've resumed it, at least until the weather turns cold. I'm also glad for my new camera, which takes pictures far superior to those I get on my 'droid.

The park is still pretty green - much moreso than our neighborhood, which is full of showy maples in full fall colors. Even so, under the canopy the colors are pretty intense.

Intense colors

Today the sky was blue and the air was crisp.

Blue sky

Rock Creek was clear and sometimes smooth enough to reflect the beautiful sky.

Clear creek

Also clear enough for Chewey to get a drink!


Here are the details (for those who doubt the part about the workout):

Workout Oct 16

We'll try to do this at least once a week until the weather betrays us. I'm looking forward to the next one already!