Eyes OK!

Today we visited the front-of-the-eye ophthalmologist for a test to see if Robert can keep driving. (He can. Yay!) He hadn’t been to an eye doctor in a while because his retinal specialist retired and we didn’t get around to finding a new one yet. But Dr. Ladas did a thorough exam and looked in there for anything that didn’t belong. All is OK in the eye department!

A new hemophilia treatment

When the FDA approved a new treatment for some hemophilia patients, including those (like me) with Factor XI deficiency, a few people asked what that would mean for me. I emailed Carolyn Francis, the hemophilia coordinator at Georgetown University Hospital, to find out, and her response was – “it’s complicated.” Here’s the story, as sI understand it.

About those license plates ...

If you don’t live in the District of Columbia, you may not understand the significance of President Obama’s decision to display D.C. license plates inscribed “Taxation Without Representation” on his vehicles used for the inauguration and throughout his second term. In fact, some folks may believe the status quo – in which D.C. residents pay federal and municipal taxes but are not represented in Congress – is correct.

Melanoma in families - who's at risk?

Robert said in his initial email to family and friends about his melanoma that it was a risk factor for his blood relatives. I’ve done a little studying on the subject, and my assessment of that statement (whatever THAT’s worth!) is a little different now. But the bottom line remains the same: please have a complete scan of your body, if you haven’t already, and discuss your risk factors with a dermatologist.

GVAX Cycle 3

Up early – easy drive, no traffic. Everything went as expected. Three down, one to go!

Robert’s appointment at Johns Hopkins for the third set of injections of the melanoma GVAX vaccine was scheduled at 8:30, so we were up and out by 7 a.m. – way too early for a retired person like me. But perhaps that’s why the traffic was so light and we ought to ask for early appointments from now on!


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