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Frustrated!! And not even on Obamacare ...

This is a very challenging time of year for Medicare “beneficiaries” – or, “sufferers” if you want to know the truth. It’s not that I’m not happy with the benefits – I am. But making sure we are in the right prescription drug plans (PDPs) is a challenge beyond belief. And, it can be very expensive – in dollars and/or time – if we don’t choose the right plan.

More on the health care payment system

When it comes to paying for our medical care, I’m glad I’m not the one responsible for creating a reasonable system! But I do believe one needs to be created (see my last post), and I don’t think the health care law  known as PPACA (or the Affordable Care Act), having a single-payer system, or tweaking the free-market system we’ve been living with for years would do the job.

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