New Year thoughts

As is typical at the end of the year, I’ve read/ watched/ heard a lot this week about “starting fresh” in 2014 – and at other, more important, life-markers. This is the first year that I have noticed the theme of forgiveness as a January 1 ritual – in a TV interview with a psychologist and in several pieces I read on the Internet. I don’t subscribe to the theory that a Yom Kippur-style cleansing is needed to go from one calendar year to the next, so I’ll try to dispense with that notion and then go on to my own transition from ’13 to ’14.

On religion

There’s an interesting article in yesterday’s Washington Post about how atheists talk with their children about terrible things like the Newtown shootings. It made me stop and think about my own beliefs – which, I think, are no different from those espoused by parents in the article. I touched on my “religious” practices in a post I wrote last week about why I did not attend the memorial service for a BNA colleague. In this post I’ll explore my own “religious beliefs” a little more.

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