September 2013

A bad day Monday

I’ve been thinking a lot about the advice Steve Buttry of Digital First Media gave to a group of journalists last month on how to begin thinking “digital first.” Following Monday’s embarrassing display of bad journalism, as every news source I consulted reported unsubstantiated and too-often wrong information about the shooting at the Navy Yard in Southeast D.C., we should all be thinking about it.

Talking shop

The best freelance session at Excellence in Journalism 2013, the journalism convention hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists and two other organizations in August, was actually the best freelance-oriented seminar I’ve attended in years. The presentation was interesting because it exposed the human sides of the two panelists – an accomplished freelancer who was scared to take on the project and an editor who put a lot on the line with his publication to get the story done. 

Getting back in shape

It’s been a while since I’ve done my normal exercise routine. I’ve had a few injuries that have kept me from working out the way I used to, and the last few weeks have included much time away – perhaps not a bad thing, considering the latest injury. But I’m ready to go back now ... here’s hoping I can shed the pounds I’ve been gaining lately!

A post-vacation high

Amazing, what a real vacation can do for the spirit! Despite two weeks of travel out west and now a short trip to Asheville via GSP (where there are nonstops and affordable fares, even considering the rental car) I am relaxed, resting and writing at the Comfort Inn while waiting for Gabriel to nap before I pick him up from school. I feel as though I've taken a turn in the road, and I'm ready to get on with things.