Getting back in shape

It’s been a while since I’ve done my normal exercise routine. I’ve had a few injuries that have kept me from working out the way I used to, and the last few weeks have included much time away – perhaps not a bad thing, considering the latest injury. But I’m ready to go back now ... here’s hoping I can shed the pounds I’ve been gaining lately!

The 'full bind' story

Those who don’t know yoga may have been puzzled by my recent Facebook status update: “A full bind!” Those who know yoga and also know me may not have believed it. That’s OK – I didn’t either! I’m amazed at how far I have come in the last few years, fitness-wise.

A fresh start on setting priorities

Nearly five months ago I suspended my consulting and freelance business in the face of Robert’s then-impending surgery to remove a large melanoma from his scalp. I was too distracted, not to mention too busy with medical appointments and emotional upheaval, to concentrate on work, and I didn’t want to let any clients down by not meeting deadlines or by handing in sub-par assignments.

Now that the scare of a four- to eight-month prognosis is behind us and Robert’s status is “healthy” and “No Evidence of Disease,” the question comes up from time to time: am I “ready” to go back to work? And the answer is – NO!

Eating right

I hope Thursday’s post didn’t leave anyone with the impression that I don’t understand the part diet plays in my weight loss. I know that restricting sweets is important if I want to keep the weight off. A new study released by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reinforces this and goes one step further – according to a review of the study at, “...eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat and cheese emerged as ... important predictors for long-term weight loss.”

Back on the wagon!

I was surprised when I got on the scale this morning and saw that, in the last two weeks, I had gained back two of the 27 pounds I had lost during the previous year. I should not have been surprised, as I have been snacking to my heart's content. What was I thinking?!

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