May 2013

In Neysa's garden today

When I left home for a long walk with Chewey this morning I didn't think about this benefit of walking outside instead of going to the gym: I would return down Broad Branch Rd. and walk past Neysa's garden. Had I planned a photo shoot I would have taken my camera. Instead, I used my phone - in bright sunshine - which means I click some photos and then go home to look at them and see what I got. I know some people can be successful photographers that way - but not me! Most of them turned out blurry.

Greetings from NOLA!

I intended to post a string of photo blogs each day of our New Orleans trip, so I brought my little Canon point-and-shoot and set out walking on Saturday while Robert was in meetings of the National Freedom-of-Information Coalition. Since I forgot my card reader and have no way to transfer photos to the computer, I can't show you some of the funky street scenes I saw on my walk to Walmart to buy a cheap water bottle.

Today it was the camera I forgot! I shot some photos with my cell phone during  our  3 1/2 hour walk through the French Quarter and the Treme- not great quality, but here's some of what we saw.


Dr. Lipson called as we were checking into the hotel this afternoon to say that he had two radiologists that he trusts look at all the scans and they didn't find anything to worry about. That means Robert has "no evidence of disease" and I'll dance with N.E.D. at Sandy's wedding on Sunday.