Our melanoma story

As a writer I’m always happy to have people read what I write. In the case of this blog, I’m particularly happy to have readers who want to learn more about melanoma. If you are new here, welcome! If you are a melanoma patient or caregiver, I must say first that I’m sorry for your personal connection to our story. Feel free to register for an account and comment. And, if you have topics you want me to research and write about, please send me an email and let me know about your interest. This page-view offers links to posts about our melanoma experiences from the beginning. Click on the titles below to read the full story.
A new beginning Posted 6/6/2012
Under his skin, in his words Posted 6/12/2012
Biding our time Posted 6/13/2012
Getting ready for Monday Posted 6/16/2012
Done! Posted 6/18/2012
Time crawls by Posted 6/22/2012
Good News! Posted 6/26/2012
A frustrating day at WHC Posted 6/27/2012
Hello from Limbo! Posted 6/29/2012
Forward and back Posted 7/8/2012
Current considerations Posted 7/19/2012
Liberation! Posted 7/25/2012
Sorting things out Posted 8/8/2012
Released! Posted 9/5/2012
My delayed date with NED Posted 9/27/2012
A busy day ahead Posted 10/3/2012
Shorter - but still long Posted 10/21/2012
N.E.D.!!! Posted 10/23/2012